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ATA DataSolutions

Move any type of data to any

destination — across different

platforms: physical, virtual or

cloud... FAST!

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ATA DataSolutions

ATA DataDiscovery

Capture an accurate profile of your environment.

ATA DataMove

Migrate your data and infrastructure to the cloud with one tool, no matter the platform.

ATA DataSync

Preserve security and prevent disruption to your business.

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We migrate


We are the only data migration experts
who support AIX for cloning.


ATA DataSolutions is a total data migration solution provider


ZERO downtime, ZERO defect Discovery, Migration and Synchronization of your data







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Master the Cloud


Transitioning to cloud? Not a problem.

ATA DataSolutions technology clones and replicates your existing servers to the cloud without user intervention to–or between–the following cloud providers:


  • Amazon
  • Rackspace
  • Windows Azure
  • vCloud
  • HP Cloud
  • ProfitBricks
  • SoftLayer
  • OnApp
When you make the transition to cloud, you can bring your servers with you or keep your cloud servers on multiple platforms. The result?  The hybrid cloud becomes a reality for your organization.




Want to change cloud providers? There’s no need to start from scratch.


ATA DataSolutions can move you from public to private with no downtime. There’s ZERO impact to your systems. All migrations can be done online without disruption to your business operations.


Advanced data migration technology communicates natively with any cloud provider’s API.






Doing it all in one step keeps your costs down. Our competitors manually create the operating system instance, and then they overwrite what they created. We do it all in one step.





of our customers are Fortune 100 companies


of our migrations take place completely online


success rate for our migrations that kicked off with ATA DataDiscovery



Our name may not be familiar to you. But our technology is white labeled by well-known companies throughout the globe.